Nocturno Quartet: Nights of Havana

Bolero Jazz Improvisations

'Havana at Night     Dancer in a Cuban Jazz club. Photo by L. Garcia, courtesy Peter Moruzzi collection

Inspired by the music of central and south America, the Nocturno quartet plays the music of these countries' great composers: Jose Sabre Marroquin (Mexico), Martin Rojaz (Cuba), Astor Piazzola (Argentine), Hermeto Pascoal (Brazil), among others.

Using these wonderful compositions as a base, the quartet integrates the romantic elements of Cuban and Mexican Bolero's, and the Latin tempi of south America, and adds its own modern Jazz interpretation and open improvisation, blending it with original and middle-eastern material.

The program is rounded with a number of original compositions of the band members, as well as Latin Jazz interpretation for some Israeli songs.

Band members include percussionist Gilad Dobrecky (Regina Carter, Mark Murphy, Brad Mehldau), recently named "one of the world's top percussionists" by Jazziz magazine, Bassist Simon Starr, Clarinet/Saxophonist Kobi Salomon, and pianist Ari Erev.

The wonderful vocalist Anna Spitz adds the romantic touch of the latin rhythms to the mix, enriching the jazzy style of the group.

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'Havana at Night

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"Sombra Nada Mas"
(with Vocalist Anna Spitz)

"El Ciego
(Music: Armando Maznanero)

Band Members  

Anna Spitz
Anna Spitz - Guest vocalist, has been performing since she was 7 years old. She is the winner of the "Bravo 99" TV singing competition, and has been performing in many TV shows, in Israel and aborad, including in Musicals and with The Beer-Sheva Simphonic orchestra. Anna is a member of the group "Doo-Wap".

Ari Erev. Photo: Gangi N all that jazz
Ari Erev - pianist and group leader. A pianist well known on the Iareali jazz scene for his warm and melodic style. His albums, "About Time" (2008) and "A Handful of Changes" (2012) (on which this program is based) have been very warmly received by critics both locally and abroad.

Gilad Dobrecky
Gilad Dobrecky - Named "one of the world top percussionists" by Jazziz magazine, played with Brad Mehldaou, Regina Carter, and many more. Gilad has played with many ethnic groups, in a variety of styles, including including Middle Eastern, North and West African, Brazilian, Classical and Jazz.

Kobi Salomon
Kobi Salomon - Tenor Saxophone and Clarinet. Studied in NYC's city colleage, on a full scholarship, and graduated honors. He played in many of the NYC, well-known jazz venues and shared the band-stand with jazz greats such as Slide Hampton, John Patituchi, Joe Lovano, and led groups - "La Balteuband" quartet - an Argentinean-inspired jazz group, and the Salomon-Teubal duo playing Latin-Jazz.

Simon Starr
Simon Starr - Bass player and producer, originally from Australia, had the privilage of studying with Gary Peacock and Dave Holland. He has performed in New York and in Europe and has released 7 albums in various music styles. In parallel to his original projects he is also part of a Moroccan/Andalusian fusion project led by pianist Omri Mor.

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